If you’re interested in Inkjet prints: Vinyl banner, Japan flag; Digital prints: brochure and handbill.

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Our company has printing devices and machines which have high quality in color and material specification on selected technology from Japan and Europe to get quality standard works. See the examples below.

  • Mimaki Inkjet printer: The widest is 3.20 m.; the highest speculation is 1220 dpi; we support big size Vinyl billboard banner by using high quality Vinyl welding machine.
  • Mimaki Inkjet printer & cutter: The widest is 1.37m; the highest speculation is 1440 dpi. with 6 colors printing system + white ink to get high quality works.
  • Fuji Xerox digital printer has automatic print, fold, pierce, and staple system; accept all emergency work orders; prints quality of this printer is more durable than common prints.
  • Mimaki cutters have both small width and large width 1.27m; support goods label, car decoration sticker and shop front sticker production.
  • Equipment for advertisement steel structures manufacturing


Advertising banners production services that we offer:


  • Vinyl banner: Banner, Japan flag, Billboard, LED banner
  • Advertising banners on PP Board, Plastwood, and Acrylics, including die cutting service
  • Inkjet sticker banner production and color sticker die cutting services to decorate shop front window, building wall, and transport vehicle.
  • Offset printing services: manual, poster, brochure, and goods catalogue
  • Label and logo sticker printing services including die cutting service
  • Steel structure manufacturing for both big and small advertising banners

Vinyl banner,Billboard,J-Flag and Banner printing production services

Vinyl banner, Billboard, Japan Flag, Banner, LED banner, standee production services

  • Inkjet prints: print on various kinds of materials such as Vinyl, sticker, Acrylics, Plastwood, MDF include die cutting that cut out shapes.
  • Authentic cartridge/guaranteed 1-3 years/durable/speculation is 720-1440 dpi./Japan grade.


Labels,Logos,Product stickers, Die-cut stickers production services

Offer Product Labels, Product Logos, Product stickers, and die cutting services on material

  • White PVC Sticker: use PVC Sticker as material by using a Mimaki Inkjet printer which has six colors Inkjet print head print.

  • Transparent PVC Sticker: using a Mimaki Inkjet printer which has six colors and white color.
  • Paper Sticker: The widest is 13”x19”; using Fuji Xerox Digital printer which has four colors print.

We also offer these other digital printing services:

  • Handbill, Brochure, Pamphlets, and Name card
  • Catalogues, Manuals, Books  
  • Poster, Calendars, Note book, and scratch pad


Jercus print media advertising service business
Company sign, Logo sign, Product sign, Symbol sign, and Shop advertising banners
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